Flagler Beach Holiday Parade

Flagler Beach Police requests our assistanvce each year in the Annual Holiday Parade. Not as extensive as the Fourth of July operation, it is still challenging. We have worked this event since the first one in 1991.


Team Operations Officer Eric Pickering and Team President Bob Pickering conducte the briefing during the 2011 parade.

All members are then briefed on assignments and proceedures before heading to assigned posts during the 2008 parade.

LEFT - REACT Member Maryann Norvick gets her assignement.

BELOW - Traffic is rerouted around the parade routh a combined effort between REACT members and Flagler Beach Police.



LEFT - Irene Pickering works the Net Control Station during the Holiday Parade from the station at the EOC.

Net Control or NCS operators are our dispatchers tracking members during operations.


REACT President Bob Pickering works the traffic right after the parade cleared through South Daytona Avenue.

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