REACT uses some specialized equipment and has access to some facilities to get the job done.

Much of the equipment we use is from the Flagler Emergency Communications Association and Flagler County Emergency Services.

This is Flagler County Emergency Operations Center. Many times REACT volunteers among many other groups work here during emergencies as well as assisting with day to day activities.


This is a "repeater". It picks up the radio signal from our members radios and then using an antenna high above, "repeats" it over a larger area, allowing us to communicate. This one was built by FECA.


These are the antenna's that help repeaters work. These are located on the City of Palm Coast Water Tower in Palm Coast. These support the TAC 8 repeater supplied by Flagler County Emergency Services and the ARES ham radio repeater.

Below, FECA members work on antennas located on the Aliki Condo in Flagler Beach. The volunteers insure they are ready and operable. Through the donations of members and others we are able to continue to do the work we need to do.

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