Governor Lawton Chiles
visits Flagler County

     Govenor Lawton Chiles, age 68, passed away on December 12, 1998 just 23 days before the end of his term.  He held various public offices in Florida for over 30 years.
     He was fast to come to the aid of Floridians effected by disasters, and was well liked by many in the state.  He was the first Florida Govenor to recognize REACT for the work that was done in 1998.

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Governor Lawton Chiles,
Emergency Managment Staff and
Flagler County Assist REACT

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From left to right
Governor Lawton Chiles, Commissioner Jim Darby,
Bob Pickering, Marc Bellefontaine

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Governor Lawton Chiles with
Flagler County Road and Bridge Personnel
in front of "Hercules".

Hercules is a water tanker that was made from
an old army trunk and Exxon gas tanker.