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  • Amateur Radio in Flagler County

    Amateur Radio, also known as ham radio, is a valuable resource for disaster and emergency communications. No other radio service offers the variety of communications capability that ham radio does. Amateur Radio is governed by Part 97 of the FCC Rules & Regulations, which set up the amateur radio service.

    The purpose of Amateur Radio is to provide a group of trained radio operators, who can be called upon during an emergency. Amateur Radio has a world wide reputation of supporting emergency communications during disasters.

    There are several amateur radio "bands." Each band represents a group of radio frequencies. The different frequency bands are best suited for different types of communications. One radio band may be better suited for world wide communications and another for local communications. The low bands tend to be used for the long distance communications, whereas the higher frequency bands are usually are utilized for local communications.

    The types of communications available for hams range from Morse code to voice, digital, and even slow scan and fast scan TV. The equipment used can range from a Morse code key attached to a radio, to voice systems, computers, hand held radios, video cameras, and even using satellites.  Some ham radio stations even bounce signals off of the moon. Some types of ham radio equipment can interface with the local telephone network, allowing hams to use the phone system from their radios.

    Flagler County Amateur Radio Organizations

    Flagler County Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (AREC) is a volunteer organization consisting of licensed amateur radio operators. The purpose of AREC is to provide emergency back up communications when it's needed. Most of the AREC members are also members of the Flagler Palm Coast Amateur Radio Club and/or the Flagler Emergency Communications Association (FECA).

    Flagler County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is another volunteer organization consisting of licensed amateur radio operators. The purpose of ARES is to provide emergency back up communications when it's needed.

    The 2 Meter band is one of the primary bands used by the Flagler County Ham Radio organizations.  There are several 2 meter repeaters in use by the various organizations in the county.  These repeaters allow a much wider coverage using mobile and small hand held radios.

    Some members of both groups belong to the Flagler Emergency Management Volunteer Program.

    Flagler County Assist REACT has National Memorandum of Understandings with the ARRL. (American Radio Relay League.)

    Flagler County Amateur Radio Repeaters
    Flagler County Emergency Services Repeater in Bunnell. 147.300 MHz (+600) PL 123
    KG4IDD Repeater in Palm Coast (Primary Skywarn Repeater) 145.470 MHz (-600) PL 123.0
    KG4TCC Repeater in Flagler Beach (Secondary Skywarn Repeater) 145.410 MHz (-600) PL 123.0
    KG4IDD Repeater in Espanola 146.745 MHz (-600) PL 123.0   
    FPCARC Repeater in Flagler Beach 147.075 MHz (+600)
    KF4I Repeater in Palm Coast 443.300 MHZ (+5.000) PL 107.2
    AF2C/R Repeater in Flagler Beach 443.150 MHz (+5.000)
    Map of Flagler County Repeaters.

    Flagler County Simplex frequencies.
    Flagler County Assist REACT 146.520 MHz
    AREC & ARES Simplex 146.580 MHz
    National Simplex 146.520 MHz

    Area repeaters
    Ormond Beach Repeater. 146.865 MHz (-600)
    Volusia VARECS / Skywarn Repeater. 147.240 MHz (+600) PL 123.0
    St. Johns County ARES Repeater 145.210 MHz (-600)
    Putnam County ARES Repeater 145.370 MHz (-.600) PL 123.0
    St. Augustine Repeater (Skywarn) 146.625 MHz (-600)
    St. Johns County EOC Repeater 147.015 MHz (+600) PL 127.3
    Putnam County Repeater. 147.060 MHz (+600)

    Local Amateur Radio Nets.
    The AREC Net of Flagler County meets each Wednesday evening at 7:00 P.M.on the 145.470 MHz (-600) PL 123.0 repeater, 145.410 PL 123.0, or the 443.150 (+5.000) repeater. The back up frequencies are 146.745 MHz (-600) PL 123.0 repeater and 146.580 MHz simplex.

    The ARES Net of Flagler County meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays on the 147.300 (-600) PL 123.0 repeater. The back up repeater is the 147.075 repeater (+600)

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